Improving patient experience of cancer care through design thinking

Client: Leaders in Oncology Care (LOC)

The challenge:

Leaders in Oncology Care (LOC) is specialist cancer treatment centre which has devoted over 10 years to delivering innovative cancer treatments and exceptional patient care. The organisation has continually expanded their outpatient facilities and services to meet the growing needs of their patients, consultants and ever evolving cancer treatment options. With this in mind, they wanted to ensure that they continue to efficiently deliver high quality treatment and services to more patients.

What was needed:

A deep understanding of patient experience, to identify key issue areas and opportunities for improvements.

What we did:

  • We immersed ourselves within the organisation, shadowing patients receiving treatment and observing staff carrying out their day to day roles
  • We produced detailed maps of treatment flows to better understand patient experiences
  • We brought together different teams from the LOC to tackle three key areas; reception, treatment bookings and pharmacy
  • We worked closely with the staff teams to prototype and test potential improvements to services before implementing

The results:

Using a rapid design, test, iterate and implement approach we enabled the organisation to speed up the change process. This meant more resources were available to deliver better patient experiences and improve efficiency.

Work is currently underway to introduce new IT solutions to streamline treatment booking; implement more efficient drug delivery procedures on two key drugs to free up staff time and resource; and to improve internal communication systems.