Using digital tools to enable multi-sectoral engagement

Client: World Bank Group

The challenge

Poor nutrition causes a range of serious and costly health problems, from impaired cognitive and physical development to illness, disease and death. Currently at the World Bank Group it is challenging for sectors to work together consistently, with minimal overlapping on their specific projects due to time-constraints and/or a lack of knowledge. SecureNutrition, a multisectoral knowledge services team within the World Bank, believes that by putting nutrition initiatives into projects across diverse sectors they can collaboratively reduce costs, improve health, and ultimately contribute to the World Bank’s goal of ending extreme poverty by 2030. The challenge is to leverage the potential of digital platforms to support other sectors to adopt the same vision.

What was needed

SecureNutrition required digital content and an animation to inform and inspire global actors within World Bank Group and beyond to incorporate nutritional goals into the design and implementation of agriculture, food security, WASH, social protection, and health projects and policies. The animation also needed to promote and work in conjunction with their new online platform SecureNation which will provide how-to-guides, case studies, an online library, forums, and hands-on advice.

What we did

Initially, we identified our target audiences within and beyond the World Bank Group through a number of conference calls and consultations with WBG employees across the world. We segmented two audiences; the primary audience being ‘the influential uninterested’ (low interest, high influence) and the secondary audience being ‘the committed interested’. We needed to convert our primary audience, whilst also needing to convince the secondary audience to influence the primary audience.

Following on from audience segmentation, we began identifying the reasons why WBG employees from other sectors do not currently have nutrition on their agendas. We did this by scheduling in 30-minute stakeholder interviews with employees based in different countries working across a variety of sectors, to gain a clear understanding of the problems and barriers for the inclusion of nutrition in their initiatives. Based on this research, we were able to develop some key messaging for the SecureNutrition platform, and for the script, storyboard and visual identity of an animation to be positioned across the World Bank Group’s key sites and social media channels.  

The results

We developed a powerful, professional animation, positioned across the World Bank’s key online platforms and social media channels. The animation has been integral in building a multi-sector community of people determined to address nutrition together, bridging knowledge gaps, supporting collaboration, and driving coordinated action, as well as making a clear economic case for change – every $1USD invested in nutrition yields $16USD in economic return and impact against poverty.