Engaging key players to shape London’s biggest digital wellbeing service

Client: Healthy London Partnership

The challenge

London has poorer levels of wellbeing compared with the rest of the UK, with an estimated 914,000 working age adults (18-70) suffering from common mental health related problems (such as anxiety, depression, stress, sleep problems). Up to 75% may not access effective treatment or professional support.

Uscreates has been working with Healthy London Partnership (Clinical Commissioning Groups and Councils in London) to develop ways of tackling this. While the challenge is acute and complex, digital services offers a potential channel to help people who may not engage with traditional services, to receive support around mental health online:

  • 75% of the UK population goes online for health info.
  • Baby boomers (born 1946-1964) generated the fastest year-on-year growth in smartphone penetration in 2014
  • Gen X (1960s-1980s) consume most digital media across all generations
  • 74% of millennials (1980s onwards) feel it’s important to access health services online in the same way they access financial, travel and retail services

Digital Mental Wellbeing (DMW) aims to engage with London’s diverse population in innovative ways, to promote the benefits of positive mental health and wellbeing for all. An online hub co-designed with Londoners will provide 24/7 peer-to-peer support along with smart and confidential self-assessment signposting to quality information and services online and offline in local communities. Importantly, it will be delivered via clinically moderated and safe online spaces.

What we did

Uscreates has been involved in various aspects of this ongoing project to build a scalable model for a London-wide digital mental wellbeing service. Uscreates identified, mobilised and supported 49 Digital Wellbeing Champions to spread the word, shape, and deliver the service. Champions included commissioners, technical experts, end-users, employers, service providers and the media. This collaborative process involved a series of phone interviews, two immersive workshops and an online engagement around form and content of the strategy. As a result, the champions helped co-develop a marketing and engagement strategy, and associated toolkit  (including a slide desk, press releases, and social media content) to build their capacity and focus activities to promote DMW across their networks.

What’s next

Uscreates is excited to now be working on the wireframes and brand design for DMW, and is looking forward to the eventual launch of the service.

The results

  • 49 Champions were supported to design a Marketing and Engagement Strategy – and associated toolkit – that enables key stakeholders to spread the word about Digital Mental Wellbeing throughout the design process and launch of the service.
  • Champions received talks and blogs about the future of digital health as well as opportunities to network with thought leaders and influential decision makers in the field.
  • While there is much work to translate the enormous potential around digital health into a popular and effective online platform, Digital Mental Wellbeing will have the support of an engaged network of Londoners to spread the word, shape and deliver the service over the coming months and years.