How to engage staff in your social impact programme

Corporate social impact programmes can be made more powerful by making sure that all employees are fully engaged. Here are our top five tips for engaging staff:

Communicate creatively

We all know that different people have different styles of absorbing and reacting to information. Some people like to read emails and hit reply. Others need a face to face talk.  The more avenues you provide to communicate your programme, the more people you will engage.  Sending out written information is just one route.  You can also try one to ones, small meetings or closed LinkedIn groups.  If you are really committed to staff engaging with your social impact programme, why not add it to your appraisal paperwork?

Encourage dialogue

If you have picked a social impact programme that resonates with your employees, then dialogue, ideas and engagement will flow. Build on this by encouraging social media and real time conversations. Why not have a Twitter hashtag for your programme, or a Facebook or LinkedIn page? This can be particularly effective if your programme is national or global.

Empower and leave well alone

This might seem counter-intuitive but sometimes leaving employees to manage themselves builds engagement. Allow them to form their own groups and handle their own budgets. Taking responsibility aids ownership and fosters engagement.

Structure is important

However you choose to structure your social impact programme, make sure you have regular catch up meetings and feed back progress to interested parties.  Wider expectations need to be managed so the social impact group does not get disheartened. If you have the right structure from the start this will really help. If you’ve not started your programme yet, read this.


With all your hard work and solid engagement, success is likely. When you’ve reached significant milestones, or your goal, it’s wise to capture and share employees’ social impact success. This is a powerful way to create further engagement among your core group, and may also encourage others to become involved.

What other engagement tips would you suggest?

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