Integrated care: communications and engagement strategy for ambitious new service model

Using branding and design thinking, Uscreates collaborated with PwC to help NHS Lincolnshire and Lincolnshire County Council achieve local engagement and buy-in for a major change programme.

Communicating ambition

In health and care, big ambitions need big engagement. If we want to achieve significant improvements to the way care is delivered, we need to ensure our plans reflect the needs of the public, health and care professionals, and a host of other partners and organisations.

NHS Lincolnshire and Lincolnshire County Council took on such a challenge when they created a new model for their local health and care economy. This far-reaching programme aimed to unite health and care services in the county to provide a sustainable, consistent, joined-up service that would be better for all. To this end, they worked with PwC to create an integrated service ‘blueprint’. It was Uscreates’ job to explain the implications to local people and capture their views.

Deepening engagement

The NHS and Council needed a more in-depth approach to engagement that would capture the breadth and depth of public opinion necessary for the new model. Uscreates helped them to go beyond traditional approaches, such as surveys, in order to reach more people in a way that would yield the valuable insights needed.

To do this, Uscreates created a clear brand with communications materials for the programme that local people could understand and relate to, including storyboards setting out different service scenarios of proposed changes to care service. We engaged people in various locations, including health settings, the streets, and events like the country show. Last but not least, we shared our expertise with the communications team to enable them to deliver their own more effective engagement strategies in future.

The insights from this engagement meant that PwC could design a new health and care economy model for Lincolnshire, informed by patients and the public.

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A thought for your work

Our experience shows the power of branding in public engagement. If you want to build awareness of a change programme and truly engage people, a brand that resonates and is meaningful is vital.

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